Scan-X helps to secure Radio 1Xtra live!

Customer safety is the first thing on any organisers list when organising a big event. As  well as manned security, metal detection archways and handheld wands are also high priority.

On the 8th of October 2016 the Echo Arena Liverpool held Radio 1Xtra’s huge live event including performing acts such as Craig David, Professor Green and Sean Paul. A high profile event which saw more than 10,000 people attend.Scan-X were able to draw on their extensive track record in event security, and advise the client on how best to balance security with the need for a high throughput of guests. The event required 14 metal detection archways and 50 handheld wands.

Scan-X pride themselves on speedy install and speedy take-down,  their engineers use their experience from previous events such as major sporting events to ensure safety.

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We will be exhibiting!

Visit Stand F35 to meet with Scan-X Security & Ensco as they launch the new Microsearch G4.0 System to the UK market.

This new system detects and deters clandestines and helps to enhance security. It is faster, quicker and more precise than visual inspections. This system tracks, analyses and retrieves to prove that the industry standards are met.

It detects heartbeats in vehicles. It is attached by two sensors to either end of the vehicles that detects the heartbeats. The system allows you to see which sensor is generating more activity making it easier to detect the person inside. It allows the operator to easily determine if the system is actively working in the situation and helps to identify locations where vibrations may be present and determine if wind or other vibrations are present.

It can provide real-time feedback on wind speed and direction. It can capture and image of the vehicle under the test which may include the license plate. It then allows those images to be added to database for future reference.

Whilst at the expo, why not visit another of our suppliers Nuctech.

We look forward to seeing you on Stand F35 at UK Security Expo!


Scan-X Security – We’re about people as well as products!

Scan-X Security are known for providing the technology for protecting people through security x-ray and metal detection for household name clients such as the Royal Mail. We’re not just about providing the technology though.

We never forget that what we do is ultimately all about people. Protecting lives and reputations by preventing harm. Protecting the bottom line through the loss prevention uses that metal detection technology has. We’re well placed to offer advice and direction including the how to manage the balance between throughput and security that is an issue for larger sites especially. Our vast amount of experience has included work for dozens of clients in industries that include outsourced facilities and security companies, the public sector, events and festivals and private sector companies from a range of sectors.

Scan-X can also provide experienced onsite engineers for your business to manage the equipment. These are the same experienced team that support the Border Force on key vehicle screening systems. So if your own in house team needs support we are here for you.

As well as all this we can also provide support and service contracts on selected security screening equipment that has been provided by other manufacturers. To find out more please give us call anytime. We value the personal approach!


Field Service Engineer Required

Due to a large increase in sales and service contracts, Scan-X Security is recruiting for Field Service Engineers.


Job title:              Field Service Engineer


The successful candidate would be UK based and be supplied with a vehicle, phone and laptop computer.


Essential Responsibilities:

•Perform total system level trouble-shooting on complex multi-symptom problems.

•Assist in Account Sales visits, help train others where necessary, and identify Sales opportunities and communicate them to account team.

•Assist in the growth and direction of business in geographic area.

•Responsible for Warranty and PPM of systems



• Engineer will be responsible for servicing, installation and repair of security x-ray machines. The ideal candidate would have previous experience in this field or have experienced in a relevant sector such as electrical systems or electronics perhaps with a degree in these areas.

•Identify and report any and all customer quality or compliance concerns immediately to the Quality Organization.

•Participate in continuous improvement activities by identifying and appropriately escalating process and product quality gaps, providing solutions when possible.


Salary: To be discussed.

X-Ray Machines and Metal Detectors – not just for security

Often, we think of x-ray machines and metal detection archways being deployed in an organisation to improve security. Their common purpose is to discover concealed metallic weapons or explosives and prevent harm to staff and visitors.  These technologies have many other applications though. Perhaps some of these relate to your business?


Retail Loss Prevention is a frequent use for archway metal detectors (sometimes known by the term “AMD”).  The ability to detect small quantities of metal means that theft can be detected instantly. Common examples including the location of coins, clothing tags and jewellery. Other high value items could be SIM cards, mobile phones, USB drives and other electronic items. These items can be valuable in their own right and have a secondary value for the data they might contain. Our clients who use this technology for loss prevention report a significant reduction in shrinkage of at least 50%. This can be attributed to the practical effect of the technology and also the powerful psychological deterrent of requiring a would-be thief to pass through a metal detection archway.


Where x-ray machines are concerned, their ability to penetrate solid objects makes them a valuable safety tool for finding impurities in certain products. For example, in food products such as fish or even a less obvious product like coffee. Metal impurities which may cause serious harm can be found and removed at an early stage in the production process. Protecting lives and corporate reputations, as well as saving money.


If you are interested in deploying x-ray machines or metal detection technology – for whatever purpose – our team are here to provide the benefit of years of experience across a range of company environments. In addition to advising about technology we can provide a full brief on the legal requirements that apply.  Our large internal stocks means that if the technology is right for your business, we are likely to able to help.

The Price of Security Screening

Should you be thinking about purchasing a security x-ray machine or metal detection archway you’ll be thinking about the cost along with the benefits that such a machine will provide. The safety and security benefits of these related security screening technologies are significant. After all, a major security breach that compromises your companies security and harms your corporate reputation could have severe cost implications. Security breaches that x-ray machines protect against malicious weapons, such as bombs, knives and guns. In addition to screening bags for weapons they can also be used to screen mail and parcels in a mailroom. Metal detection archways can also protect against weapons being brought on site where prospects do not have bags, and also save you money by preventing the theft of metal items from jewellery to SIM cards, to coins and USB sticks: since valuable items also include company data or perhaps pictures of a new design you are working on.

How much does security x-ray or metal detection technology cost? For a security x-ray machine, this is very much dependent upon size and could range from approximately £ 15,000 to £ 50,000 or more for larger machines. Since you are likely to get ten years life out of the machine this reflects the total cost of ownership. Metal detection archways can range from £ 2,000 to approximately £ 8,000 or £ 9,000 for machines which offer higher levels of sensitivity and the ability to disregard items such as watches or metal belt buckles. Again, you could expect ten years life from a metal detection archway.


Security x ray machines

So when you factor in the cost savings that security screening technology could bring to your business you can see it could pay for itself in a matter of months to years.

Scan-X can provide second user options for both security x-ray machines and metal detection archways which provide even more cost effective options. You may also be interested to know that such technology be rental, provide even less cost if you just need the machines for a short time.

Event Security

Security screening of guests and attendees at events is an increasing concern. As a host, you have a responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors to your site. If your event involves a large number of guests, or VIPs or is located in a high profile location, then you may well be considering metal detection and security x-ray technology as part of your security mix. Continue reading

Service & Support

If your company uses security x-ray and Archway metal detection technology you will be aware that such technology requires regular servicing and support. Since they contain a source of radiation, by law security x-ray machines must have at least one critical examination and one radiation survey as a minimum. Containing moving parts also, it makes sense to have regular services and inspections conducted. Continue reading