Liquid Scanners

The liquid scanners that we supply have been tested to meet the ECAC standard for Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS). The liquid x ray machine can meet diverse requirements with a threat liquids database that can be customised and extended.

This level of customisation may be required for use in different countries or when multilevel security application needs exist.

Liquid X-Ray machine

We supply, install, maintain and repair the following liquid x-ray machine:

The LS1516BA liquid x-ray scanner can screen liquids without opening containers. The system can identify liquids in commercial containers made out of any material and constructed in any shape.

Using the latest advanced dual-energy Computed Tomography (CT) technology, the LS1516BA liquid scanner can detect explosive, flammable and erosive liquids. It can also detect non-explosive precursors that may be mixed later to create an explosive or flammable liquid.

A very low false alarm rate is achieved through analysing the atomic number and density signatures of individual liquids. The maximum liquid container size for this liquid x-ray scanners is 160mm in diameter and 500mm in height.

Precise, effective, safe, economical and reliable, this liquid scanner has an ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, touch screen and centralised storage system. For convenience, the LS1516BA liquid scanner can perform self diagnostics, perform key component tests and offer step-by-step debugging.

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