Company Profile

A security screening company you can trust!

As a leading security screening provider, Scan-X Security Ltd provides security solutions and services that meet our customers’ most demanding threat detection needs whist being operationally efficient and reliable.

Scan-X Security was proud to be the company that introduced the UK to Nuctech’s range of Security x-ray machines. We have been a partner with Nuctech for nearly five years and have supplied machines into the UK, Ireland, Europe and Africa.

Scan-X Security is also a supplier of Ceia Metal Detection Archways and Hand Held Wands. Ceia is renown for its quality and reliability. Ceia’s Archway metal detectors are regarded as being the best units available.

Scan-X Security is also the main supplier of Ensco Heartbeat detection Systems, We are supporting Prisons, Secure hospitals and Borders in the detection of clandestine’s and escapees.

Scan-X security has been a proud and trusted supplier to government agencies and private security of id pro slot operations around the world. Our success has been built on the following:-

A High Level of Threat Detection Compliance – Our products and solutions meet or exceed the most stringent security regulations and standards of the most demanding regulators and customers worldwide.

Superior Operational Efficiency – Our products and solutions address your security needs, while improving your operational efficiency to meet your needs.

Security screening expertise – Scan-X Security’s extensive product portfolio provides customers flexible solutions to maximize security, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.