Trace Detection

Scan-X Security has a large selection of x-ray machines that are offered as used and reconditioned units. The extensive range includes all manner of reconditioned airport security scanners,used portable x-ray scanners and used security x ray machines.

Reconditioned Security X Ray Machine Price and Warranty

The Scan-X Security used security x-ray machines, allow your business to invest in a unit that is priced at less than half of the original manufacture’s price. All x-ray machines, such as the reconditioned airport security scanner and second hand airport bag scanner, come with a peace of mind warranty.

To ensure a solution for every situation, the reconditioned units have a range of tunnel sizes from 500mm x 300mm and up to 1500mm x 1650mm. We also offer used portable x ray archway metal detectors at very competitive prices and these are designed for use in both low and high throughput situations.

Site Visit and Unbiased Advice

We are pleased to offer a free site visit to our potential clients and with such a wide range of reconditioned units, you can be confident that our advice is unbiased.

We supply, install, maintain and repair used security x-ray machines for a wide range of applications and they can be found in airports, customs, ports, border crossings, railway stations, prisons, government buildings, courts, mines, big event venues and embassies.

Please contact Scan-X Security today to discuss your reconditioned unit requirements.