State of the art computed tomography (CT) security x-ray technology

Nuctech have implemented state-of-the-art stationary computed tomography (CT) technology.
The WooKong H breaks through the limitations of tunnel size and screening speed.
Contraband hidden in inspected items can be automatically detected.
The WooKong H provides a three-dimensional (3D) image and multislice images of the inspected item clearly showing its contents. Its equipped with a popular size tunnel opening of 1 meter wide by 1 meter high, as well as being capable of being fully integrated with baggage handling systems(BHS) and network integration systems.

New Kylin Ti ECAC approved x-ray machine

Nuctech have developed a brand new Kylin Ti ECAC approved C3 machine for cabin baggage screening.
Conveniently, this new machine is only 2.4m in length and will fit in the space vacated by the existing C1 and C2 machines meaning the lane length doesn’t need to be extended.

Drone Defense

Scan-X Security are proud to announce we’re the UK agent for the Unival DroneWall drone detection and defense system.
The unival USG cUAS system is an automatic radio monitoring system for Drone detection. It does not use conventional radio jamming techniques but instead sends channel-specific DoS and DoA attacks towards the drone and its access points, without interfering with neighbouring WiFinetworks. This causes the drone remote control operator to lose the control over the drone and the drone will go to “return to home” mode.

New Dual-view baggage inspection system

Kylin Care is a brand-new dual-view baggage inspection system developed by NUCTECH COMPANY LIMITED.
With dual-view detection technology, Kylin Care realizes automated detection and alarm for contraband, such as
controlled drugs, explosives, high-density materials by acquiring and analyzing the atomic number, appearance
and shape of inspected items.
Kylin Care has a tunnel size of 500 mm wide by 350 mm high, with a compact structural design and superior performance,
especially suitable for a personal luggage security check. Integrated with advanced industrial design concepts, Kylin
Care has an attractive small appearance, and convenient size for installation and re-location.

Backscatter Inspection Robot

Backscatter Inspection Robot
Integrating contactless backscatter imaging technology with a user-friendly robot, the WETAN™ R100 generates real-time
images to find concealed contraband from a safe stand-off distance.

2022 Scan-X Installs

2022 is already proving to be another very busy year for Scan-X across all parts of our business: sales, service and rental.
We’ve been installing the latest ECAC standard 3 cabin and hold baggage x-ray machines at airports. We’ve also been ensuring these integrate seamlessly with tray return systems. Our rentals team have supported political and business events, with the busy sporting and festival season still to come. Proactive and reactive maintenance is a constant throughout our year of course, with some sites requiring a 2 hour response to site to support high uptime needs.

Scan-X 2021 Annual Challenge

2021 Christmas Engineers challenge
Scan-X engineers team challenge for 2021 was a triple header combining buggy racing with axe throwing and archery.
Points were awarded for the positions in each event.
There were plenty of spills and frills in what was a good day out for our southern, midlands and northern teams.
Due to poor weather, the race course was a little damp and extremely muddy!

The overall winner was Mike Rainey. Well done Mike!

On to 2022’s Challenge. What will it be:- Darts? Pool? Dog racing? Hover craft racing?

Continued Growth

Due to our continued growth, In December 2021 Scan-X moved to a new 7000 Sq Ft premises in Tamworth.
Our new, larger depot means we’re now able to store more rental equipment for the coming season along with increased stocks of spares and new x-ray machines, metal detection archways and associated equipment. So far in 2022 Scan-X have been providing high quality physical security screening to secure events at household name sites in London and for political conferences. We can help with any size requirement from small scale VIP events to large open air events requiring 50 metal detection archways.

Fever Screening at Key Checkpoints

For screening passengers and guests at key checkpoints Scan-X introduce the FeverBlock thermal imaging system.

This enables safe, remote screening and real time temperature checking to identify cases of fever.

Thermal and visible light imaging, combined with learning algorithms, allow for fast remote screening at airports, ports, events and key transport hubs. For more information please contact our sales team on