Baggage Checkpoint and Parcel Security X-Ray Machines

Reliability and speed are key factors in airport baggage scanner and parcel scanner selection and we supply the latest industry standard security x-ray machines, that meet the most stringent security regulations.

Baggage Checkpoint and Parcel Security

Baggage x-ray machines can be employed to not only scan an airport security bag but parcels as well. We supply, install, maintain and repair a wide choice of x-ray machines and these includes the airport bag scanner as well as well as x-ray scanners used in government buildings, mail rooms, courts, prisons, post offices and exhibition venues.  In addition to this we also supply cargo x-ray machines for those looking for extra security.

X-Ray Machines

We recommend the following baggage & parcel security x-ray machines:

The corporate range of airport baggage scanners and parcel scanners offer either single-energy or dual-energy scanning with material classification technology that detects threats and contraband in briefcases, handbags, mail and airport security bags.

With ultra-low x-ray leakage and compact portable designs, these x-ray machines are safe and convenient to move. The corporate range offers various tunnel sizes and can scan ultra-thin objects.

The checkpoint baggage x-ray machines can be used to scan carry-on baggage or be used as parcel screening solutions. Step and continuous zoom can be used to enlarge images and these can be saved as BMP, JPG or PNG images and transferred to USB storage devices.

The Cabinet range is designed for when space is of a premium and these perform ultra-high performance x-ray screening of mail, parcels and baggage, for contraband, weapons and other harmful items. The Cabinet x-ray screening models also have best-in-class imaging software ‘isis’ and a user friendly interface.

Power requirements:- 

CX75-55 and smaller require:-          220VAC +/- 10%, Customer must supply us with a Clean Stable 13A supply via a UK 3 pin socket.

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