Metal Detection / Weapons Detection

Scan-X Security are a leader in people screening solutions and supply and install cost-effective security metal detectors and asset protection systems.

We are a Ceia distributor and offer archway, hand held, mail and pole scanners for use in prisons, industry security, hospitals, nuclear facilities, government buildings and data processing centres.

Archway Metal Detectors

We supply these models of archway metal detector:

The Ceia Classic is a easy to use, portable and affordable security metal detector. These walk-through security metal detectors are designed for public facilities such as schools, amusement parks, hotels and government buildings. A high level of detection uniformity is achieved even with a high flow rate of people. Low false alarms rates are achieved with the allowance of nuisance items such as coins, keys and belt buckles.

The Ceia Hi-Pe is a metal detector arch that has a highly visible double display. High speed detection and the indication of a metal objects height, as either single or multiple weapons in transit, make this arch productive and convenient. The Ceia Hi-Pe exceeds all International Security Standards and is available in outdoor versions with IP65 certification.

Security metal detectors for sale with Scan-X Security includes the Ceia PMD2, which has immunity to environmental interference and an exclusive chip card system for fast programming.

The Ceia SMD600 Plus is a two in one airport security metal detector and the first on the market to be fully compliant with the NIJ-0601.02 Standard. Three levels of security deal with small, medium and large object sizes and this archway can detect small items hidden anywhere on or in the body.

The Ceia SMD601 Plus is fully compliant to NIJ-0601.02 and NIJ-0601.03 Standards and can detect metal composites that were previously considered undetectable. These airport security metal detectors may have an optional integrated correctional profiling system.

Security Wand Metal Detectors

We supply these models of security wand metal detector:

The Ceia PD140N is a new generation security metal detector wand. This compact hand held metal detection set has a full digital design with consistant performance and calibration-free operations. The wand has extended continuous operation times for use both indoors and outdoors.

The Ceia PD240 has a wide search area and has high immunity to floor rebars for lower body screening with programmable sensitivity. The Ceia PD240C has a long range and large search area for accurate pinpointing.

The Scan-X CW-10 detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be used with an audible or silent vibrate alarm. The Scan-X CW-20 wand metal detector has a momentary low toggle switch to eliminate interference from large metal objects. The wand can be run on a choice of three frequencies for environments with electromagnetic interference.

The MSD Magneto Static Detector is a highly portable mobile phone detector that can detect phones and key fob phones on a person or in a body cavity. The detector is fully weatherproof for use outdoors. Scan X Security also provide people scanners and security machines to detect any people who may pose a threat.

IED Mail Detectors

We supply the following IED Mail Detector:

The EMIS MAIL – IED Detector has been developed for letter and parcel inspection. The automatic process detects batteries, detonators, trigger circuits and other metal components that are used in parcel bombs.