Heart Beat Monitor System

Scan-X Security is the UK’s leading supplier and installer of the ENSCO MicroSearch G3 human presence detection system.

Heartbeat Monitor Applications

Heartbeat monitors sense the delicate vibrations caused by the human heartbeat, in order to detect unauthorised persons that may be hiding inside containers or vehicles. These systems can be installed to protect geographic borders, border crossing points, sea ports and high-value entryways in facilities such as prisons.

ENSCO MicroSearch G3

The ENSCO MicroSearch G3 heart beat monitor system is a reliable solution that can be employed under a wide variety of environmental conditions. Accurate results can be relied upon in conditions that are hot, cold, wet, dry or dusty.

Two modes of operation exist, with a standard mode and enhanced mode for superior performance. With the addition of two fixed ground sensors and upgraded software, the enhanced mode cancels out active ground vibrations in challenging environments, such as seaports, high-traffic border checkpoints and inspection areas .

The required upgrade to enhanced mode can take place in the field, quickly and easily, with a new software load and retrofit kit.

The benefits of the ENSCO MicroSearch G3 heart beat monitor system includes:

  • Speed: Maximum efficiency with fast processing
  • Accuracy: Lower false alarm rates compared to any other product
  • Economy: Less capital intensive compared to dedicated cargo/vehicle x-ray machines
  • Safety: During operation there is no risk to operators or detected persons
  • Flexibility: Operational requirements are met with industrial and portable versions
  • Sensors: Compact sensors have twice the holding power of previous sensors
  • Data transfer: Superior high-speed USB interface between the host computer and control box module
  • Cabling: Maximum cable life gained through flexibility of the cable and use of heavy duty connectors

To view more detailed specifications please view the following data sheets: