3 security benefits of full body scanners

Although there has been a huge amount of controversy about the implementation of full aka whole body scanners in airports the technology is useful in other industries.

There has also been some controversy around ‘backscatter’ scanners, a type of full body scanning system that uses micro x-rays. Confusion is rife regarding the amount of radiation a backscatter scanner emits. At one stage the level was deemed unacceptable but the latest research in America shows that a person “would have to receive more than 17,000 screenings in a year []to exceed government standards” (CNN.com). Continue reading

General safety advice for trips to the airport

We all know the safety risks associated with flying. Airport security has been tightened in recent years and this is a good thing, it’s designed to protect you so try not to see it as a burden, look at it as a minor hindrance just before you fly away on holiday.

Apart from the threat of terrorism, other crimes are heavily linked with airport travel. These include theft from person and theft from vehicles parked at the airport as well. Continue reading

How will 3D facial recognition improve public security?

BBC’s Bang Goes the Theory series recently shone on a torch on big data. During the show they discussed how big data is being used to improve facial recognition software.

The show speculated that 3D facial recognition could be smart enough to detect emotions on our faces. It also exposed flaws in 2D facial recognition technology, showing how the software failed to realise when it was seeing a picture of a person or a real person standing in front of the camera. Continue reading

3 of the strangest things ever smuggled onto a plane

In recent years, airlines and airports have upped security. Restrictions have been put in place on what you can and can’t take on board. And many question why you can’t take you pair of tweezers onto a plane.

But there are something’s you know you can’t take onto a plane. A crocodile for example…

Here, we’re going to look at the strangest things ever smuggled on board. Continue reading

Welcome to our blog

Hello and welcome to our blog!

We’re Scan X Security – specialists in security screening, x-ray and metal detector screens. We’ve been supplying to government agencies and private security around the world for a number of years now and built our success on a high level of threat detection, complete operational efficiency and our screening expertise. Continue reading