General safety advice for trips to the airport

We all know the safety risks associated with flying. Airport security has been tightened in recent years and this is a good thing, it’s designed to protect you so try not to see it as a burden, look at it as a minor hindrance just before you fly away on holiday.

Apart from the threat of terrorism, other crimes are heavily linked with airport travel. These include theft from person and theft from vehicles parked at the airport as well.

Stay safe though, look after yourself and keep your possessions close by, use our top safety tips for airport travel and have a happy holiday.

Pack well

There are strict rules about what you can pack in your hand luggage, learn them, follow them and avoid a confrontation with airport security when you check in for your flight. Fluids in particular are a cause of contention, you have a limit of 100ml and the container should be a single, transparent bag.

Pack well, adhere to airport security guidelines and you won’t cause a breech or upset the officials when you roll up with your case.

Plan parking

Know where you are going to park before you arrive at the airport. Look for busy, well-lit areas if you are using the airport car park, think about the return leg when you might be landing back in country in the early hours of the morning, is the vehicle in a safe location and would you feel happy returning to the car on your own?

Consider personal safety when you are parking at the airport, especially if you are a lone female travelling solo.

Keep an eye on your bags

Never let your bags out of your sight, even for a second, you never know who might be on the prowl.

Items could be stolen from your hand luggage, worst still, something dangerous could be placed inside your bag, you’ll become a serious security risk and have some explaining to do if you are stopped by airport security officials.

Think about what you wear

Help security officials and spare blushes at check points. Make a conscious effort not to wear metal hair clips, belts with buckles and metallic items of jewellery. They could set off the security detector, this will delay you, and there’s a good chance it will cause a backlog of disgruntled passengers.

Avoid wearing metal items when you are passing through airport security, make life easier for the officials and keep things simple for yourself.

Sensible safety precautions should make your trip to and through the airport more enjoyable, wherever you jet off this year, stay safe and have an amazing time!

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