3 security benefits of full body scanners

Although there has been a huge amount of controversy about the implementation of full aka whole body scanners in airports the technology is useful in other industries.

There has also been some controversy around ‘backscatter’ scanners, a type of full body scanning system that uses micro x-rays. Confusion is rife regarding the amount of radiation a backscatter scanner emits. At one stage the level was deemed unacceptable but the latest research in America shows that a person “would have to receive more than 17,000 screenings in a year []to exceed government standards” (CNN.com).

The other concern with full body scanners is that they produce an image that renders the scanned individual effectively naked. Our micro x-ray scanners produce a 2-D image that shows foreign objects underneath clothes and actually reveals hidden items inside the body and concealed within prosthetics. For this reason the image produced is not like a photograph of a naked body.

1.       Non metal objects can be detected

Metal detector walk-through scanners have an obvious weakness regarding liquid, gel or plastic contraband that could be concealed on the body. Many plastic or liquid items can be highly dangerous. The transportation of drugs can also be stopped with a full body scanner.

2.       Avoid strip searches and invasive pat downs

Many people feel uncomfortable with pat downs and strip searches particularly if it violates their religious or cultural beliefs. A strip search is also extremely time-consuming to conduct. By scanning personnel at airports, mines, prisons and other sensitive workplaces you can reveal anything hidden beneath their clothes and thus reduce the number of random pat downs and strip searches. This saves personnel from an uncomfortable situation and speeds up security checks.

3.       Is a deterrent to terrorist attempts

The presence of body scanning systems and the greater uptake of use will discourage terrorists from trying to conceal items on their body. This will reduce the likelihood of anyone attempting to bring any weapons, explosives, drugs or other contraband into a sensitive area.

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