5 surprising things that set off airport security

Going through security is one of the main reasons that you have to get to the airport so much earlier than your flight. Not only might you run into a huge queue of people, but you might get frisked.

But why’s that beeper going off at you and your luggage? Here are five surprising things that will set off airport security

Headbands and hair extensions

Even though you might be wearing these to make yourself look good for a long journey, these things might just set off the metal detector. Both clip-in hair extensions and headbands contain that little bit of metal that might trigger the beeper. If you want to avoid the risk of being frisked, put your hair accessories through the X-ray belt.


Inhalers are an aerosol product and sometimes raise concern as they may seem to violate the rules on liquids on a plane. As these are a medical must-have for some travellers, we suggest that you let the officers know in advance to your screening. It also helps if all of your medications are labelled properly.

Miniature alcohol bottles

As small as they may be, some attention may be drawn to them. With these miniature alcohol bottles, all the same rules that apply to any other liquids will apply too – so be aware!

Underwired bras

Even though they swear it shouldn’t, underwired bras do often get that beep going. As we’re sure you don’t really want to be taking your bra off in the middle of the airport to avoid that metal detector being triggered, we suggest that you pack any of those metallic bras in your bags and opt for the more comfortable option during your flight if you’re worried about it.

Aluminium wrappers

Believe it or not, even the slightest sight of aluminium wrapper can set off airport security systems. So what out for those chewing gum, sweetie and cigarette packets in your bag as many of those are manufactured with metallic wrap to keep them fresh.

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