The Price of Security Screening

Should you be thinking about purchasing a security x-ray machine or metal detection archway you’ll be thinking about the cost along with the benefits that such a machine will provide. The safety and security benefits of these related security screening technologies are significant. After all, a major security breach that compromises your companies security and harms your corporate reputation could have severe cost implications. Security breaches that x-ray machines protect against malicious weapons, such as bombs, knives and guns. In addition to screening bags for weapons they can also be used to screen mail and parcels in a mailroom. Metal detection archways can also protect against weapons being brought on site where prospects do not have bags, and also save you money by preventing the theft of metal items from jewellery to SIM cards, to coins and USB sticks: since valuable items also include company data or perhaps pictures of a new design you are working on.

How much does security x-ray or metal detection technology cost? For a security x-ray machine, this is very much dependent upon size and could range from approximately £ 15,000 to £ 50,000 or more for larger machines. Since you are likely to get ten years life out of the machine this reflects the total cost of ownership. Metal detection archways can range from £ 2,000 to approximately £ 8,000 or £ 9,000 for machines which offer higher levels of sensitivity and the ability to disregard items such as watches or metal belt buckles. Again, you could expect ten years life from a metal detection archway.


Security x ray machines

So when you factor in the cost savings that security screening technology could bring to your business you can see it could pay for itself in a matter of months to years.

Scan-X can provide second user options for both security x-ray machines and metal detection archways which provide even more cost effective options. You may also be interested to know that such technology be rental, provide even less cost if you just need the machines for a short time.

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