The Best Way to Pack Your Suitcase

You will be able to it a lot more in your suitcase if you plan and pack ahead. This means that when you’re going to the airport and your destination, you will have fewer bags to worry about, and won’t have to use as much space. Here’s how to get the most out of your holiday suitcase.


  1. Gather all the clothes you want to take, and then put half of them back. You can make the most of your clothing options by choosing clothes that are in the same colour family.
  2. Cottons, wools and knitted clothes won’t wrinkle and are a lot more versatile. Additionally, some clothes, such as yoga pants, can double as pyjamas.
  3. Roll softer garments, such as t-shirts, jeans, cotton trousers and knitwear. Fold clothing such as blazers, dress pants and dress skirts.
  4. Place your rolled clothing at the bottom of your suitcase, and then place your folded garments on top.
  5. A dry cleaning bag on top of your folded clothes will prevent creases to set
  6. Put any clothes you will need first on top of the dry cleaning bag, such as pyjamas or a bathing suit.


  1. All you will need is a pair of casual sandals or loafers, evening shoes and either a pair of trainers or boots. Due to the shape and possibly heel of the shoes, you should always wear the heaviest pair when travelling.
  2. A good way to save space is to stuff your shoes with chargers, sunglasses and other bits and pieces.
  3. To keep everything clean, put your shoes in resealable bags and then set them along the sides of your suitcase.

Toiletries and beauty products

  1. Choose travel size toiletries that have multiple uses, such as a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner in order to save space.
  2. Buy empty travelling bottles and fill them with your favourite toiletries. This alternative means you can stay within liquid regulations on planes, save space and bring along your favourite toiletries.
  3. Hair brushes can damage your clothes, so use a sock over them to avoid damage.
  4. Use resealable bags to group similar products, such as cosmetics, hair care and skincare


Store inexpensive jewellery in a pillbox or tissue lined film container. If you’re bringing expensive jewellery, wear them when going through the airport to minimise the chance of losing them.

Gifts and fragile objects

Wrap any objects that may break in your clothes and place them in the centre of your luggage. If you’re bringing back glass bottles, place them at the bottom of your bag in the centre.

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