Protecting British Summertime

With a heightened threat environment its more important than ever to make sure that events involving crowds have an appropriate level of security screening. In addition to security such equipment provides a reassurance factor that visitors to well attended events increasingly expect to see. The experts in event checkpoint security, Scan-X Security, were again chosen to provide physical security screening for the open air British summer time festival taking place in Hyde Park London. This consisted of 20 archway metal detectors and 50 wands. The client was therefore assured of a high level of screening against metallic threats together with the powerful physical deterrent provided by channeling visitors through metal detection archways. Combining the archways with wands enables flexible screening and for suspect individuals to be given an additional closer inspection if needed. Scan-X Security engineers were on hand to ensure fast responses, which is something we are able to offer to all of our clients should they want it.BST

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