How to cope when your flight is delayed

It’s bad enough waiting for a flight due to depart on time. When scheduled flights are delayed though and you have to wait longer than anticipated at the airport, it often feels like time stands still.

Get to know the layout of the airport in this instance. Think of ways to occupy your time until you can make the next flight and you’ll be boarding the plane before you know it.

Ways to cope when flights are unexpectedly delayed

1. Do the research

How many times do you actually check the amenities at the airport before you arrive on departure day? We all do it. People don’t even think about verifying these basic details, they turn up blind and haven’t got a clue where to find anything when they realise their flight is delayed. Learn a little about the airport’s amenities before you are due to fly. Find out when shops and places to eat are open until, it can be a bit of a shock to find you have an overnight stay at the airport and everything shuts down at midnight.  

2. Download an app (or two!)

Browse your mobile whilst at the airport and look for apps that make your stay at departures slightly more comfortable. There are plenty of apps available to download on iPhones or Android devices, giving you a wealth of information from flight times to lounge locators showing customer reviews.

Test apps at the airport and they’ll keep you occupied as you while away the hours.

3. Have a snooze

Sleep is one way to kill a few hours at an airport. Be careful doing this if you are travelling alone though. Use your suitcase as a pillow and don’t leave valuables on show in your pockets. Opportunistic thieves might steal your wallet, passport or mobile phone if it’s on public view.

If you are worried about sleeping in the airport lounge or simply don’t want to snooze on the floor, look for sleep pods as a perfect snooze room.  A number of mainstream airports are now providing these facilities. Individual rest rooms are ideal for long layovers in-between flights.

4. Enjoy your surroundings

Make the most of this opportunity and go for a trip around the airport, get to see the sights and the sounds first-hand. Enjoy a meal, have a drink, visit the shops or simply watch a few planes take off and land.

Airports are busy places and there’s always plenty of hustle and bustle in this environment. Spare a few moments to do a spot of people watching and try to spot famous faces if you can, make the most of being stuck at an airport during a lengthy flight delay.

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