Are you carrying a prohibited item to the airport?


Arrive at the airport in plenty of time for a flight and you don’t want to be delayed by the security services, it’ll put you in a bad mood and could spoil the beginning of your holiday.

Special measures will ensure your sail through security. Just make sure you’re not carrying a prohibited item, scan through your hand luggage for these easy to overlook items.

Nail files

Take pride in the appearance of your nails and it’s understandable you want them to look gorgeous at all times. Sadly, if you carry a metal nail file to the airport with you and it’s inside your hand luggage, this could be classed as a weapon and you might have some explaining to do when the metal detector goes off.

Nail clippers

Another small item that’s easy to forget. Leave a set of nail clippers in your handbag and don’t be too surprised when it sets alarm bells ringing at the airport. Pack clippers inside your toiletry bag instead, tucked away within your suitcase.

Small scissors

Think about it rationally and you’ll realise why a pair of scissors would cause upset at airport security. Left undetected they could be used to attack somebody on a plane. You might innocently pack a small pair of scissors inside your hand luggage but security won’t see it this way.

Sewing needle

Any type of needle should be packed away inside your suitcase too. Whether this is a knitting needle, crochet needle or emergency sewing kit, don’t leave it in your hand luggage, spare a thought for the reaction this might cause, find a place for sewing needles in your case instead.

Rather worryingly, passengers try to carry items just like these through airport security every day. To be on the safe side, if it’s metal, pointy and could be used to hurt somebody, why carry it in your hand luggage in the first place?

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