Airport scams – what to look for

Getting through airport security often feels like a miracle in itself. Pass through any UK airport and there’s a distinct chance you’ll be stopped by security.

Try not to view this as a hindrance. Airport security checks are designed to keep people safe. Okay they delay you a little but as long as you have nothing to hide what have you got to fear?

Just abide by the rules and you’ll be on your way before your know it. Watch out for airport scams though, both in the UK and abroad, swindles are rife inside and outside of terminals.

We list common fiddles next. Don’t get stung by any of these actions.

Luggage theft

Some thieves are brazen. Switch off for a moment and they’ll wheel your suitcase away without you even noticing.

Keep luggage with you at all times. Not only will this prevent a total stranger walking away with your holiday clothes and spending money, it’ll prevent terrorists planting devices in your suitcase or hand luggage too.

Passport crime

Leave your passport protruding from the top of your bag and don’t be too surprised if this goes missing before you have chance to check in.

Criminals steal passports to create fake IDs. They will clone your identity and use fraudulent means to move from country to country.  Tuck your passport deep inside your bag. Prevent passport theft and the chance of your holiday being ruined before it has even started.

Wallet thievery

Wallets, purses and envelopes filled with travellers’ cheques or foreign currency are hot targets for thieves.

Again, if you leave items such as this on display and fail to keep your eye on valuables at all times, there’s a good chance you’ll fall victim to crime.

Taxi cons

Most taxi drivers are honest, hard-working people. Sadly in a variety of countries around the globe there are bogus drivers ready to rip passengers off.  Favourite scams include:

  • Failing to reset the meter
  • Driving off with luggage when you get out of the car
  • Taking the ‘scenic’ route to your hotel
  • ‘Bumping up’ road tolls


Remember Fagin from Oliver? His band of merry pickpockets stole from the rich and wealthy. You might not be rich, you might not be wealthy but there’s a good chance you’ll become the victim of pickpockets on holiday if you don’t keep your wits about you.

Learn a little about the destination you are going to. Apart from the airport, find out where the crime hotspots are and keep wallets, purses and mobile phones in a safe pocket where possible so you’ll know if somebody is trying to take them away from you.

Steer clear of these airport scams when you Jet away and have fun on holiday from all the team at Scan-X Security.


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