Service & Support

If your company uses security x-ray and Archway metal detection technology you will be aware that such technology requires regular servicing and support. Since they contain a source of radiation, by law security x-ray machines must have at least one critical examination and one radiation survey as a minimum. Containing moving parts also, it makes sense to have regular services and inspections conducted. These preventative maintenance visits are an important part of keeping what is normally mission critical equipment in good working order and typically between 2 and 4 preventative visits are recommended per year. Machine use is of course an important factor in determining how many services to conduct: equipment being worked 24/7 is being worked 4 times as hard as an x-ray machine used just during normal 9 to 5 working hours.


Where metal detection units are concerned, the lack of moving parts means that a less intensive service schedule is required. Nevertheless, it makes sense to conduct at least one service visit per year to test the equipment, check it isn’t suffering from or causing any interference and does not require any replacement components.  A service visit serves also to ensure that the unit has been set up in the optimum configuration for the environment (which may have changed since original install) and that on site staff have not made any unauthorised changes to the machine’s sensitivity levels.

Its important also to know that if you require reactive maintenance you have a reliable partner that you can call on – and call out.


With a range of service contracts that can also be further to tailored to our client’s individual response requirements Scan-X are here for you. 24/7 helpline assistance, on site response from our nearest national engineer and a large internal stock of parts make us well placed to help. Our clients choose us for the same team of expert engineers that support the UK Border Force on important vehicle screening systems.  Its worth noting that we can often support systems that we did not originally provide, so please do give us a call if you think we can help you too.

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