Portable X-Ray

Our portable x-ray equipment is suited to a variety of applications such as IED and explosives detection, security inspections, weapons detection, pipe inspections, welding inspections, wall inspections, archaeological inspections and art research.

The portable x ray systems can also be used for suspicious baggage checks, composite materials testing, quality inspections in the aerospace industry, at shipyards and in the construction sector.

Portable X-Ray Unit

The area-scan and line-scan imaging is offered through our high performance portable x-ray range, which uses our modern technology platform and modular design. These units are compatible with a range of x-ray generators with pulsed and constant potential, isotopes such as Co60, SE75 and Ir92, direct radiography and computed radiography systems.

Direct radiography imaging systems that are available from Scan-X Security includes Amorphous Silicon, CCD imagers, CMOS line-scan imagers and CMOS flat panel imagers.

Portable X-Ray Equipment

We supply the following portable x-ray equipment:

The ecoSCAN Mobile Scanner has an economical rugged detector panel and provides high-end imaging performance though its lens-coupled CCD technology. This x ray portable machine is supplied with a tough carry case, isis software and either a Windows tablet or laptop.

The lineSCAN Mobile Scanner is a portable x-ray system this gives a large active scanning area, yet it has a small ultra-compact size. CMOS technology and direct radiography are used to give a real-time customised imaging experience.

The ultraSCAN Mobile Scanner is a portable x ray unit that is super-thin. The imaging scanner uses an x-ray imaging system with proprietary amorphous silicon sensor-panel imagers. The scanner employs a unique auto-exposure detection feature and it is compatible with Golden Engineering pulsed x-ray sources.