X-Ray Machines and Metal Detectors – not just for security

Often, we think of x-ray machines and metal detection archways being deployed in an organisation to improve security. Their common purpose is to discover concealed metallic weapons or explosives and prevent harm to staff and visitors.  These technologies have many other applications though. Perhaps some of these relate to your business?


Retail Loss Prevention is a frequent use for archway metal detectors (sometimes known by the term “AMD”).  The ability to detect small quantities of metal means that theft can be detected instantly. Common examples including the location of coins, clothing tags and jewellery. Other high value items could be SIM cards, mobile phones, USB drives and other electronic items. These items can be valuable in their own right and have a secondary value for the data they might contain. Our clients who use this technology for loss prevention report a significant reduction in shrinkage of at least 50%. This can be attributed to the practical effect of the technology and also the powerful psychological deterrent of requiring a would-be thief to pass through a metal detection archway.


Where x-ray machines are concerned, their ability to penetrate solid objects makes them a valuable safety tool for finding impurities in certain products. For example, in food products such as fish or even a less obvious product like coffee. Metal impurities which may cause serious harm can be found and removed at an early stage in the production process. Protecting lives and corporate reputations, as well as saving money.


If you are interested in deploying x-ray machines or metal detection technology – for whatever purpose – our team are here to provide the benefit of years of experience across a range of company environments. In addition to advising about technology we can provide a full brief on the legal requirements that apply.  Our large internal stocks means that if the technology is right for your business, we are likely to able to help.

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