What Type of Traveller are You?

Security worries aside, part of the fun of visiting an airport is people watching, spotting different types of travellers as they venture through check in, and pass through scanning machines. Millions of people from all walks of life pass through international airports each year, the next time you head away on holiday, see if you spot of any of these passengers on your travels.

Nervous flyer

You have to feel sorry for nervous flyers. In some cases this can be a crippling condition that gets so bad, people refuse to fly. Most people will admit to having a few nerves about flying. For some folks this is serious though, a fear of flying is no fun.

Stressed Mum and Dad

Getting to the airport on time is stressful enough if you are single so imagine what it’s like for families? They have to pacify tired and tetchy children, they have the largest amount of luggage to check in, they’ve been looking forward to this holiday for 12 months and mum and dad’s stress levels have reached boiling point.

Cringeworthy Couple

Every airport has one of these. They’re the couple that can’t seem to keep their hands off each other, regardless of how busy the airport is, or how many people are watching them.  They kiss, they canoodle and no matter where you try to avert your eyes, you can sense them regardless.

Hen or Stag Parties

You hear them before you see them, boisterous bachelors hell-bent on creating bedlam in Benidorm or hens heading to Faliraki for fun and frolics in the sun. You see them, you hear them and you can’t help smiling, wishing you were tagging along.

Business Class

The serious traveller. They normally have minimal luggage, are smartly dressed and the chances are they are either chatting on their phone or tapping away on their laptop, doing business before they even step foot in the plane.


Normally hounded by the paparazzi, protected by security, or driven past you in an airport buggy, keep an eye out for VIPs at the airport, you might spot a famous footballer, a Hollywood actor or a diva singer, complete with her massive entourage.

Airports are packed with a diverse array of people, the next time you are stepping through security x-ray machines, or being security screened by airport staff, take a quick peek at the people around you.

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