What not to do at an airport

Airports are stressful places. You’re either going to find yourself running around with luggage trying to make your flight, or attempting to kill four hours waiting for your flight to turn up. We all deal with stress differently; some handle it calmly, others not so much.

However you deal with airport stress – make sure you never do these four things…

  • Sleep: Falling asleep at the airport can be risky. Imagine you’re travelling alone; falling asleep makes you vulnerable to theft, not to mention the fact that you might not wake up in time for your flight! If you really must take a nap to pass the time at the airport then make sure your personal belongings are on you and that they’re secure, and set an alarm on your phone to wake you up in time for boarding.
  • Get drunk: If you’re a little scared of flying, a drink may help to calm your nerves. However, you’re going to want to keep a clear head for all those gate changes and times you are going to get lost in the airport. Plus, you’re going to need the loo straight after boarding (it’s inevitable after a drink) but you can’t go until you’re way up high, so try to hold off on the booze.
  • Jump queues: Airports are synonymous with queues and if you’re just a little bit late, then those queues could end up making you very late indeed. And that, in turn, may tempt you to jump the queue. Don’t do it. That line of people have been there a while, it’s rude and unfair to think that you can skip it.
  • Lose your temper: Heading through an airport throws up ample opportunities to lose your head, but it’s important that you stay calm. Remember, the airport staff are there to help and will do everything in their power to do so. Don’t give them a hard time because you’ve turned up an hour late for your flight.
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