Supporting the UK’s Cargo Screening

With a heightened security environment in general and imported goods screening in particular coming into increasing focus the UK continues to rely on Scan-X Security’s expertise. Our expert engineers maintain five very large mobile vehicle x-ray systems and one fixed system. These are x-ray systems at select locations within the UK capable of screening an entire lorry at a time to find contraband within the containers.

Providing both proactive and reactive maintenance services, our team make sure that these important systems have a high level of uptime. These skills are transferrable to our other clients so whatever industry you are in – airports and airfreight, logistics, private industry and events & venues – we can ensure your physical security screening has the highest level of operational availability. Our engineers are supported by a real time GPS tracking system so we can always assign the nearest engineer to a task. This makes for efficient and quick responses. They also carry a wide range of much needed parts to hand for the greatest chance of a first time fix. Surprisingly, this is not a standard process in our industry.

If you would like to know how we can help you with supporting and servicing physical security screening equipment (x-ray machines, metal detection archways and explosives and narcotics detection) or providing new equipment then contact our team anytime on 01922 455 222.

Mobile Gantry system

MB1215BS Relocatable ContainerVehicle Inspection System (002)

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