Security X-Ray Scanners & People Screening

Scan-X Security is a well-established leader in providing people screening solutions. We supply, install, maintain and repair people screening equipment, ranging from cost effective metal detectors to x-ray full body scanning systems.

Person Screening

Security X-ray Scanner

Effective person screening is of critical importance to numerous organisations and in many locations. Our person screening solutions can be employed at airports, courthouses, border crossings, cruise ships, defense, critical infrastructure, government buildings, prisons, law enforcement buildings, ports, public buildings and special event venues.

Security X-Ray Body Scanners

Scan-X Security supplies and installs the following security x-ray body scanners:

The high performance Scan-X MW1000AA is an efficient body scanner developed by Nuctech. People screening is carried out using safe active millimetre-wave imaging and advanced automatic detection technology.

The body scanner is the perfect substitute for the ‘metal-door’, with automatic detection of concealed objects without the need for a physical ‘pat down’. The walk-through process caters well for locations with high throughput and the unit can be deployed for remote/mobile monitoring.

The MW1000AA can detect explosives (IEDs), metal and metal weapons, drugs and liquids and triggers an automatic alarm. This person screening solution has multiple modes of automatic detection and is compact and adaptable for field installation.

This centralised inspection system is suitable for person screening at borders, customs, civil aviation, military bases and transportation stations.

The Scan-X BI2002 is also manufactured by Nuctech and this full body person scanner can detect a wide range of threats such as explosives, metals, drugs, ceramics and plastics. This machine can detect threats inside the body, artificial limbs, shoes or beneath clothes, in one scan that covers the whole body.

The next generation person screening technology uses micro dose x-ray transmissions that deliver a radiation dose that is lower than that received during medical chest digital radiography. Sound and video monitoring is integrated and facial features and inspection information can be saved, along with the scan images.

The high reliability, throughput and high image quality, makes the Scan-X BI2002 ideal for deployment at prisons, customs, mines, airports, railway stations and police buildings.

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