Money Saving Tips For Airline Travel

What are your main concerns when you fly away on holiday? Do you worry about airport security, feel anxious about flying, or fret about how much money you are going to spend?

Security at airports, flying in general, and the overall cost of holidays are some of the biggest concerns of passengers. Whilst we help to make airports safer at Scan-X Security with our state-of-the art x-ray systems, sadly we can’t lower the cost of flying.

Without doubt, holidays are expensive. Not only do you have to pay for flights, accommodation and transfer costs, you also have to consider holiday insurance, and finally, think about how much cash you want to spend whilst you are abroad.

This all adds up, and before you know it you have blown the holiday budget and spent way more than you anticipated. Stop for a minute though, consider ways to trim the cost of the holiday and you could shave a few pennies off the total spend, or at least, have a little extra cash to blow whilst you are away.

At Scan-X we’ve drawn up this list of penny-pinching tips and they should help to spread your holiday funds further.

How to reduce the cost of airline travel

Take old Euros with you

How much cash did you bring back with you the last time you went abroad? Bet there’ll be spare Euros lying around that you didn’t get time to spend, or possibly, a few traveller’s cheques that you didn’t have time to change.  Check the house for foreign currency and utilise that when you jet off abroad.

Shop around for airport parking

Airport parking costs can be pretty eye-watering. Therefore, don’t just roll up to the main, long stay car park at the airport, you could be in for a nasty shock when you return to the country. Check for local deals through specialist off-site car parking companies, you could save a wad of money.

Call in favours

Another way to save money on airport parking is to ask a friend, work colleague or family member to drop you off and pick you up from the airport. Pay for their fuel costs by all means, it’ll still be cheaper than parking your car at the airport or booking a taxi transfer service. Even if they drop you off for the outbound flight and you grab a cab on the return journey, it could make massive saving.

Take snacks with you

Pack a snack to take to the airport. Don’t pay a premium for pricey airport food and drink, place a picnic inside disposal bags, eat well before the flight, then dispose of the packaging and wrappings in the airport waste bins.  Food and drink can be expensive at the airport, bring your own and save cash this way.

Use these tips and we guarantee they’ll save money which can then be spent when you are abroad!

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