Mobile Scanning Solutions

Scan-X Security’s expertise in both area-scan and line-scan imaging technologies has led us to develop and deliver an exceptional range of x-ray imaging mobile scanners. We offer a free site visit to clients and always offer impartial advice to ensure that your mobile scanner choice meets and exceeds your expectation.

Mobile Scanner

Scan-X Security’s X-ray imaging solutions are suited to a variety of applications including security inspections, search operations, wall inspections, suspicious baggage checks, IEDD, explosives detection, weapons detection, customs and border controls, first responders inspections, archaeological site inspections, art research and for use in the construction sectors.

They can also be used for NDT radio-graphic applications including petrochemical refineries, pipe inspection, welding inspections, composite materials testing, and quality inspections in the aerospace industry and shipyards.

Mobile Scanners

Our mobile scanner range includes:

The Scan-X EcoSCAN system comprises of a rugged and economical detector panel, Windows laptop or tablet computer with ‘isis’ software and a rugged carry case. This mobile scanner has class-leading imaging performance and uses lens-coupled CCD technology.

The Scan-X LineSCAN has a large active scanning area in a small size. This ultra-versatile mobile scanner range delivers customised imaging performance with CMOS technology and direct radiography with real-time images. Overall, this is an ultra-compact and rugged mobile x-ray imaging system.

The Scan-X UltraSCAN brings ultra-thin, high-resolution, portable imaging with a scanner that uses a x-ray imaging system with proprietary amorphous silicon sensor-panel imagers. The scanner has a unique auto-exposure detection feature, near-edge imaging and is compatible with Golden Engineering pulsed x-ray sources.