How to survive a long distance flight

Travelling is exciting, regardless of whether it’s for work or pleasure – seeing new things, meeting new people, experiencing new cultures. It really is one of the most rewarding things to do. But the further afield you travel, the more often you’ll find yourself having to deal with long haul flights.

And they’re never fun.

So we’ve put together a guide designed to help take pain out of the long haul.

Book the best

If possible we recommend booking first class or using your frequent flyer miles to upgrade. Comfort is the key to surviving a long haul flight, and first class offers comfort in spades. Legroom, the best entertainment, edible food – it’s all going to make that long journey that little more bearable.

If you’re on a budget then obviously, first class won’t be an option. Consider what type of flyer you are when booking your seat. Are you the guy that’s constantly getting up to go to the loo? Or the guy who spends most of his time sleeping?

If you’re the former, an aisle seat is going to be your number one option. If you’re the latter, book yourself a window seat so that you aren’t interrupted.

Go as direct as possible

Most long haul flights mean making transfers along the way. And it’s often cheaper if you make quite a lot of transfers. But while it may be cheaper, it’s going to be a real headache rushing from terminal to terminal in-between flights. Make the whole process as easy as possible for yourself and choose the most direct route possible.

You won’t regret it.


You’re going to spend hours on board a plane, and this often leads to dehydration. That’s because the air inside the airplane is not only cold, but dry too.

Don’t combine jet lag and dehydration. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids before you get onboard and continue to drink lots while in the air. Most airlines offer liquids throughout the flight, but make sure you take your own bottle of water too.

Freshen up

For any flight longer than say, five hours, we recommend taking some items to help you freshen up in your hand luggage. Moisturiser, tooth brush etc – all should be kept in a waterproof bag and taken with you. You’ll be glad of it when you wake up from a nap and want to freshen up.

These four tips are simple, but really do make a huge difference when flying long distance. So don’t make it hard on yourself!

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