Don’t do this at airport security

Most travellers treat airport security seriously. Sure, there might be the odd murmur of discontent as passengers queue in line to pass through airport scanners but the vast majority of people understand this is a necessary procedure to make flying safer.

Sadly, there will always be a few rebellious travellers that think it’s amusing to behave badly at security points, this simply delays the process and it often lands fliers in trouble with airport officials. To streamline the procedure and make airport checkpoints a breeze we suggest you avoid all of the following anti-social behaviour.


Drink excessively prior to flying

Heading off on holiday is exciting. You’ve saved all year for this break and the fun begins the moment you arrive at the airport.  Quite possibly you are considering having a few tipples before you board the flight, which is fine, as long as you don’t overdo things. Drink too much and you could be refused entrance onto the flight if check in staff and security personal think you are out of control.

Joke about bomb threats

Would you be happy if somebody mentioned the ‘B’ word just before you boarded a plane? Any reference to national security, whether meant in jest or not, should be avoided at the airport, it’s not funny and fellow fliers won’t appreciate it. Stupidly say you have a bomb on your person and the security services will take you at your word. You’ll be hauled off, searched and questioned, not only will you miss your flight, there’s a good chance you could be punished as well.

Give security staff a hard time

Airport security personnel do a hard job. It’s a good job too, helping to keep you and fellow fliers protected when you board a plane. Don’t give them abuse just because you have to wait a few minutes to check through security points, they won’t appreciate it and you’ll just make yourself look foolish.

Pack your boarding pass away

Have boarding cards and forms of ID handy before you approach airport security. Don’t pack them away inside your hand luggage, you’ll only have to retrieve them when asked and this could delay the procedure much to the annoyance of other passengers.

Push in the line      

Be patient at security points and under no circumstances attempt to push your way into the security check point line. This will annoy fellow fliers and security personnel as well. Even if there’s a bit of a queue, remain calm, wait your turn, and think about the lovely holiday you are just about to go on.

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