Our top 3 winter travel tips

While it may seem strange that people are jetting off around the world while you’re working the days away until Christmas winter is a busy time of year for airports. With people flying off to visit family, flying abroad for Christmas or just wanting to experience some warm weather for a week or two airports are still bustling. Although there may be slightly fewer passengers than in the summer months, the arctic weather conditions make airport life more hectic than usual. Here are out top tips to keep you safe and punctual while travelling this winter. Continue reading

General safety advice for trips to the airport

We all know the safety risks associated with flying. Airport security has been tightened in recent years and this is a good thing, it’s designed to protect you so try not to see it as a burden, look at it as a minor hindrance just before you fly away on holiday.

Apart from the threat of terrorism, other crimes are heavily linked with airport travel. These include theft from person and theft from vehicles parked at the airport as well. Continue reading