Cargo Security X-Ray Machines

Cargo security x-ray machines are designed for cargo scanning and Scan-X Security are industry experts in cargo scanner supply, installation, repair and maintenance.

Cargo Security

The cargo screening solutions from Scan-X Security are appropriate for airport, ports, rail transportation stations and all manner of freight security. We offer a free site visit and consultation for clients, to help ensure that the correct solution is put in place with right choice of efficient and reliable cargo x ray machine.

X-Ray Machines

We supply the following cargo scanners:

The Cargo x-ray machine is supplied in a variety of sizes with large tunnel openings for pallet cargo screening. Cargo x-ray machines have roller type conveyors for high load capacity have a world-leading image performance and Pallet Cargo X-ray Inspection System, which stores up to 50,000 images.

Based on the best CX products platform, a Cargo scanner offers steel penetration of up to 70mm and is Threat Image Protection (TIP) ready. With an explosives and narcotics alarm, self-test, built in diagnostics and multiple remote applications that are available based on Ethernet LAN and Windows platforms, the Cargo x-ray machines are extremely convenient.

For compact high-performance x-ray screening, the Cabinet x-ray system is fast, accurate and designed to fit in where limited space is available. This x-ray scanner is made for screening smaller objects with non-destructive testing. The Cabinet gives exceptional first pass image quality with best-in-class imaging software and a user-friendly interface.

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