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Helping protect high profile sites is at the heart of what we do here at Scan-X Security. If you have an event or VIP visit and need security equipment – x-ray machines, metal detection archways and handhelds – its likely that we can help you. Even if you just need equipment for one day and at short notice. In addition to the high quality of our equipment our clients benefit from our wide ranging experience in protecting very different events and scenarios. This means that we are well placed to advise clients on how to screen their guests. Making sure the process is safe and efficient and done with the least intrusion possible.
As an example of our breadth of experience in different environments two of the many venues we’ve recently protected include a high profile court in London and an outdoor festival in Liverpool. The court is a very high profile site in our capital city. We provided them with an x-ray machine which was a high quality unit of the type we also provide to one of the UK’s major annual sporting events. This was accompanied by a highly sensitive metal detection archway and handheld units.
Our client in Liverpool run an annual outdoor music festival and use physical security screening in a marquee at the gateway to the event. Multiple channels are employed for fast guest throughput as the event is well attended. As for all of our clients we made life easy by also providing associated items which may be of use for event security, for example search trays (for keys and coins and so on).
We believe all events involving either large numbers of visitors or VIPs should strongly consider security screening. Especially in todays high threat environment. If you think we can help you then please contact our expert event team anytime on 01922 455 222 or 07794 213 960.





Freight Screening Experts

Scan-X recently installed the first of many 320KV Dual view machines in the UK at a Heathrow based Freight forwarder.
This was a special moment for us. We have installed many dual view machines before, but this unit is a huge step forward in power and penetration.
The Nuctech CX180180DH is the jewel in our crown for freight screening. This machine has a tunnel size of 1.8m x 1.8m, 320kv generators giving up to 70 mm penetration. It includes stainless steel drive rollers. We also supply roller guards to provide protection from fork lift trucks.jic

Protecting Jalsa Salana

Jalsa Salana is the formal annual gathering of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community in the UK. Scan-X help protect this event with airport standard metal detection archways, handheld wands and security x-ray machines. These provide a very visible security screening prescence at the checkpoint to the event and a welcome reassurance factor for all the quests attending. Our equipment is provided on a short term rental basis by the Scan-X rental team. They can help with any requirement from 1 day VIP protection up to a several week major sporting event.IMG_0892

Checkpoint Security for a Major UK Sporting Event

Building on an impressive portfolio of UK clients Scan-X have again been chosen to provide the physical security for one of the UK’s household name sports events. Our experienced team set up the 16 x-ray machines shown for baggage screening at the venue entrance. The machines were supplied by Nuctech and have gained excellent feedback from other sports events, particularly regarding the crystal clear images that are provided. Complementing these x-ray machines were 50 airport quality metal detection wands from the manufacturer Ceia. Scan-X engineers were on site to support the equipment provided and ensure fast responses.

Protecting British Summertime

With a heightened threat environment its more important than ever to make sure that events involving crowds have an appropriate level of security screening. In addition to security such equipment provides a reassurance factor that visitors to well attended events increasingly expect to see. The experts in event checkpoint security, Scan-X Security, were again chosen to provide physical security screening for the open air British summer time festival taking place in Hyde Park London. This consisted of 20 archway metal detectors and 50 wands. The client was therefore assured of a high level of screening against metallic threats together with the powerful physical deterrent provided by channeling visitors through metal detection archways. Combining the archways with wands enables flexible screening and for suspect individuals to be given an additional closer inspection if needed. Scan-X Security engineers were on hand to ensure fast responses, which is something we are able to offer to all of our clients should they want it.BST

Major Tennis Event

Scan-X are now in our fourth year of providing physical security screening for a major sporting event. Our rental division provide this prestigious client with 27 security x-ray machines and 26 metal detection archways. We continue to get great feedback on the clear images provided by our Nuctech x-ray machines. This has lead to them being installed at a number of other high profile UK venues. The archways we provide are from the manufacturer Ceia. They are widely acknowledged to provide the highest quality metal detection archways in the UK being the type that you would most commonly see in a UK airport.

Protecting the AGM for a large UK Bank

317-min (1)
Scan-X Security helped to secure the AGM for a household name UK bank by providing 2 x-ray bag scanners and 3 archway metal detectors. The archway metal detectors were of the type normally used in UK airports, having excellent discrimination capabilities. The x-ray machines were from Nuctech, who have gained excellent feedback on the clarity of the images generated from one of the UK’s most major sporting events. Scan-X also provided an onsite engineer to supervise the equipment which is something we offer as an option to all of our clients if they would like it.
We quite possibly have the largest rental fleet of 45 X-ray machines and 55 Archway metal detectors in the UK. We are well placed to help with any rental needs from 1 day upwards at short notice.

Finding Clandestines

Finding Clandestines
Microsearch 1
Finding Clandestines
Scan-X Security are the sole UK partner of human prescence detection provider MicroSearch. This clever technology allows the location of clandestines, or people hiding covertly, normally in vehicles. The use of 4 sensors which compare the level of background vibration to that in a vehicle allows the location of people hiding covertly through the vibration that is caused by a human heartbeat. This makes it impossible for anyone hiding to avoid detection. Scan-X can provide this technology by both sale and leasing options. We’ve built on a long track record with MicroSearch by providing 2 systems to correctional facilities in the UK. Operators of the system can be trained to use it quickly. Once sensors are attached results are normally available in a matter of seconds.
With the increase in human trafficking and refugee flows cause by an unstable world such technology is increasingly relevant to transport and cargo companies who are legally liable for clandestines entering the UK via their vehicles. So if you’re in this sector its important to ensure compliance with all required legislation. To discuss how we can help you in this area in an initial no obligation discussion please get in touch any time.

Security and Counter Terror

Security and Counter Terror
With an extensive track record in protecting events from large sporting events to smaller AGMs and VIP visits its appropriate that Scan-X Security were selected to provide the x-ray machines and metal detection archways to secure the premier event for our own industry. Security and Counter Terror is the go to event for security professionals to learn about the latest developments in security screening technology. Scan-X provided security x-ray machines and metal detection archways at the main entrance to the prestigious Olympia site. If you’re thinking about going, next year Security and Counter Terror is on 6th to 7th March 2018.

Protecting a visiting past president

Obama 1Scan-X Security were selected to provide the physical security screening for a past president visiting Edinburgh. Our expertise in protecting high profile events and the quality of our equipment were key reasons behind the decision to use us to protect him and his guests at the May 2017 event. All visitors were protected by airport grade metal detectors and high quality x-ray machines. This equipment was provided by the Scan-X rental division who have the flexibility to support anything from a 1 day VIP event through to large scale sporting events over several weeks. We can provide just the equipment by itself or on site staff to manage it also, as required by our clients. If we can help you, just let our team know anytime.