Physical Security Screening for the UK Events Sector

Scan-X security screening equipment is installed again – ready to protect 2022’s Jalsa Salana event. We hope that everyone attending this event will enjoy it! Scan-X hold the UK’s largest stock of rental security equipment. Our expertise ranges from 1 day VIP protection needs, to the UK’s biggest biggest festivals, concerts, sports and political events.

Protecting the UK’s key Events

With an exciting all-electric car racing event set to return to London’s first indoor / outdoor circuit this weekend, Scan-X are proud to supply our equipment to help protect the venue and ensure a safe event for the audience and guests attending. Scan-X have the UK’s largest rental fleet of x-ray machines and metal detection archways, as well as other related security equipment. Its ready to go to provide security for 1 day VIP protection to larger events such as this one.

X-Ray Screening in the Freight Sector

Scan-X have completed another successful x-ray machine installation in the freight and logistics sector of a CX180180DH cargo machine. The customer was looking for an upgrade on their current machine and the Nuctech CX180180DH not only has nearly double the tunnel size but the image quality is far superior. Scan-X have a range of dual view x-ray machines with excellent image quality to offer our freight and logistics clients, all fully supported by a range of service contracts.

Securing the UK Sports Sector

Scan-X are proud to support the UK sports sector with our physical security equipment. Our x-ray machines and archway metal detectors have once again been used to protect a major 2022 UK sports event, this particular event being one that we have supported for several years now. Scan-X make life easy for our clients by also providing the additional items they may need – such as wands, trays and roller tables – to fully equip each of their visitor screening lanes.

Protecting UK Events and Venues in 2022

As the UK events sector opens up again Scan-X continue providing physical security in the form of x-ray machines and metal detection archways. Shown here are units from our high quality rental fleet, protecting the entrance to a household name UK sports event. Our rental fleet of equipment is the largest in the UK and units are available to hire for any length of time – from 1 day upwards. Please contact us any time to find out more.

The Event Security Experts

As the UK events sector gets back on its feet, Scan-X are happy to help secure one the country’s biggest outdoor events and concerts – British Summertime in Hyde Park. We continue to invest in our rental fleet of physical security equipment – x-ray machines, metal detection archways and related products – and can help with 1 day VIP protection needs upwards.

Secure Screening for Venues

Scan-X team up with Todd Research to deliver another secure screening solution.
One x-ray machine and four Archway Metal Detectors to be in use from today.
Helping secure another well known venue and ensuring the visitors are kept safe.

The latest Scan-X Security install

The latest Scan-X Security install – a fast parcel screening system complete with an automated conveyor system.
A Nuctech XT2100HS ECAC approved C3 CT x-ray machine has been integrated with a Better Conveyor system, to produce a parcel screening solution that has eight exit lanes and a total of 67 conveyors.
All of the above equipment was installed, integrated and is now maintained by Scan-X Security.

State of the art computed tomography (CT) security x-ray technology

Nuctech have implemented state-of-the-art stationary computed tomography (CT) technology.
The WooKong H breaks through the limitations of tunnel size and screening speed.
Contraband hidden in inspected items can be automatically detected.
The WooKong H provides a three-dimensional (3D) image and multislice images of the inspected item clearly showing its contents. Its equipped with a popular size tunnel opening of 1 meter wide by 1 meter high, as well as being capable of being fully integrated with baggage handling systems(BHS) and network integration systems.

New Kylin Ti ECAC approved x-ray machine

Nuctech have developed a brand new Kylin Ti ECAC approved C3 machine for cabin baggage screening.
Conveniently, this new machine is only 2.4m in length and will fit in the space vacated by the existing C1 and C2 machines meaning the lane length doesn’t need to be extended.