The five most visited cities in 2014

Certain cities continue to attract millions of visitors each year but where are the busiest destinations around the globe?  To find out we’ve taken a sneak peek at Mastercard’s Global Destination Cities Index, it highlights how popular destinations are based on visitor numbers and how much they spend once they arrive.

Based on their evidence we thought we’d highlight the top five cities in the world according to visitor numbers. This is where tourists were flocking to in 2014 and to build up the anticipation we’ve listed them in reverse order.  Continue reading

How to cope when your flight is delayed

It’s bad enough waiting for a flight due to depart on time. When scheduled flights are delayed though and you have to wait longer than anticipated at the airport, it often feels like time stands still.

Get to know the layout of the airport in this instance. Think of ways to occupy your time until you can make the next flight and you’ll be boarding the plane before you know it. Continue reading

Our top 3 winter travel tips

While it may seem strange that people are jetting off around the world while you’re working the days away until Christmas winter is a busy time of year for airports. With people flying off to visit family, flying abroad for Christmas or just wanting to experience some warm weather for a week or two airports are still bustling. Although there may be slightly fewer passengers than in the summer months, the arctic weather conditions make airport life more hectic than usual. Here are out top tips to keep you safe and punctual while travelling this winter. Continue reading

Airport scams – what to look for

Getting through airport security often feels like a miracle in itself. Pass through any UK airport and there’s a distinct chance you’ll be stopped by security.

Try not to view this as a hindrance. Airport security checks are designed to keep people safe. Okay they delay you a little but as long as you have nothing to hide what have you got to fear? Continue reading