Service & Support

If your company uses security x-ray and Archway metal detection technology you will be aware that such technology requires regular servicing and support. Since they contain a source of radiation, by law security x-ray machines must have at least one critical examination and one radiation survey as a minimum. Containing moving parts also, it makes sense to have regular services and inspections conducted. Continue reading


Scan-X is proud to announce its continued support for Ceia, Nuctech and Ensco products.

We at Scan-X have been working closely with all three companies for nearly six years or more.

We have worked together on some fantastic projects and are looking forward to a continued growth together. Continue reading

Security Training

Scan-X Security has always been able to offer both operator and Threat detection training at customers sites. We are now able to offer this great service at our factory in Aldridge. Where training can be completed on a wide range of X-ray machine and Archways metal detectors.

Have a look at the training tab on the home page for more details.

6 tips for flying with children

The thought of being cooped up in an aeroplane with a bored, screaming toddler is enough to put any parent off a family holiday until the kids are teenagers! However, every year thousands of families go on holiday abroad, so just how are these wonder parents coping on flights with young children? With a bit of forward planning you can have an enjoyable and peaceful flight, and so can your fellow passengers. Here are a few tips to help you fly with young children Continue reading

What Type of Traveller are You?

Security worries aside, part of the fun of visiting an airport is people watching, spotting different types of travellers as they venture through check in, and pass through scanning machines. Millions of people from all walks of life pass through international airports each year, the next time you head away on holiday, see if you spot of any of these passengers on your travels. Continue reading

Money Saving Tips For Airline Travel

What are your main concerns when you fly away on holiday? Do you worry about airport security, feel anxious about flying, or fret about how much money you are going to spend?

Security at airports, flying in general, and the overall cost of holidays are some of the biggest concerns of passengers. Whilst we help to make airports safer at Scan-X Security with our state-of-the art x-ray systems, sadly we can’t lower the cost of flying. Continue reading