5 surprising things you can’t take in your hand luggage

Airport security is no laughing matter. It’s in place to save lives and stop people from taking things on board a plane that could pose a risk. But there are few things you can’t take on a plane that may surprise you. Stuff that you don’t deem dangerous.

Here we’re going to look at 5 of these things.

Soup:  So you want to take a lovely hot soup on the plane. Maybe you’re heading home from you sunny holidays and want to be warm for the cold brace you’re about to meet in England. Well, I’m afraid it’s a no go. You can’t take soup or any liquid more than 100ml for that matter.

A drill: Okay, okay. It’s not that surprising that you can’t take a drill on a plane. They’re pretty dangerous things after all. In fact, you can’t take any tool items on board. That includes screwdrivers, spanners, pliers, saws, drills on board. So if you’re a joiner or plumber, your tools will have to go elsewhere.

Fishing rods: So you’re heading on a fishing holiday. You want to take your own fishing rod. Unfortunately, that’s not allowed. It could quite easily be used as a weapon against other passengers.

Tent pegs: Heading to some rolling hills in Europe for a camping holiday? Visiting a music festival to set up camp and get drunk? Then you’ll want a ten to sleep underneath. Don’t carry your tent pegs in hand luggage! They will be confiscated and that’ll leave you with nothing to hold your tent down. And you’ll probably end you sleeping under the stars.

Sporting gear: Badminton racquets, cricket bats, tennis bats, they’re all a no go. You can probably guess why too. They make for quite a dangerous weapon.

So the next time you’re sorting out your hand luggage for a camping holiday filled with fishing, tennis, soup and DIYing, remember, an aeroplane is no place for the above!

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